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PE-Xb is high performance material for sanitary and heating pipework systems

TABOREX Product Catalogue 2024

Crosslinked Polyethylene (PE-Xb) contributes to greater safety and comfort in our daily lives. TABOREX® (PE-Xb) is the material of the future as it is used where high durability and resistance to chlorination of potable water is required. Thanks to its properties, it is excellent for the production of building services pipework systems, hydronic radiant heating and cooling systems and domestic water piping. Chemical resistance, flexibility, easy installation, aging resistance and high maximum service temperature is a guarantee of the quality of products made of TABOREX® (PE-Xb).

Our TABOREX products work as a “Sioplas-System”, consisting of crosslinkable Compound and Catalyst Masterbatch that contains the crosslinking agent.








Side view of a gray walled hospital ward with a bed, a tv set, a white armchair and curtains on large windows. 3d rendering, Mock up

PP- and PE-based compounds suitable for various industrial applications

TABOREN Product Catalogue 2024

The TABOREN® product range is an extensive portfolio of polyolefin-based materials featuring mineral and fibrous fillers. Compounds produced under this brand were primarily designed for automotive interior applications. Nevertheless, because of their high quality and affordable prices, TABOREN® compounds have found customers in other industrial sectors such as construction, the food industry, household and electrical appliances

GradeProcessing typeSegmentBasic PolymerMFIFiller typeFiller content (%)MFI*StabilizationColourTDS
TABOREN-EC 49 C 70extrusionhygieneLLDPE3limestone703.5**high AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PC 22 B 70extrusionconstructionPPCbarium sulphate700.8medium AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PC 22 G 15extrusionconstructionPPR1chopped glass fibres151.3medium AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PC 22 G 20-BextrusionconstructionPPRchopped glass fibres200.8medium AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PC 23 T 20 - 980blow mouldinghygienePPCtalc200.8standard AOX / UVbeigePDF
TABOREN-PC 23 T 20-064extrusionautomotivePPC1talc201.3standard AOX / UVblackPDF
TABOREN-PC 29 T 30-001extrusionautomotivePPCtalc300.9high AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PC 32 G 20extrusionconstructionPPR1chopped glass fibres201medium AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PC 33 T 30-066extrusionautomotivePPC1talc301.5standard AOX / UVblackPDF
TABOREN-PC 39 T 30-003extrusionautomotivePPC1talc301.5high AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PC 41 G 30injection mouldinghouseholdPPC5chopped glass fibres305standard AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PC 42 B 35injection mouldingconstructionPPC1barium sulphate351.5medium AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PC 42 B 35-630injection mouldingconstructionPPC1barium sulphate351.5medium AOXbluePDF
TABOREN-PC 51 G 30injection mouldingconstructionPPC10chopped glass fibres3010standard AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PC 55 H 20-851injection mouldingconstructionPPC5talc / limestone205medium AOX / UVgreyPDF
TABOREN-PC 55 T 20injection mouldingconstructionPPC4talc204medium AOX / UVnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PC 55 T 20-833injection mouldingconstructionPPC7talc207medium AOX / UVgreyPDF
TABOREN-PC 59 0 00-037injection mouldingautomotivePPC11no filler11high AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PC 59 C 40injection mouldinggeneral applicationsPPC5limestone405high AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PC 62 G 20-071injection mouldingautomotivePPC8chopped glass fibres208medium AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PC 62 T 50injection mouldinggeneral applicationsPPC11talc5011medium AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PC 69 G 20-046injection mouldingautomotivePPC8chopped glass fibres208high AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PC 69 G 40injection mouldingautomotivePPC10chopped glass fibres4010high AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PC 72 G 10injection mouldinggeneral applicationsPPH12chopped glass fibres1012medium AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PC 72 T 20injection mouldinghouseholdPPH13talc2013medium AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PC 73 T 20-074injection mouldingautomotivePPC10talc2010medium AOX / UVblackPDF
TABOREN-PC 73 T 20R-047injection mouldingautomotivePPC13talc2013medium AOX / UVblackPDF
TABOREN-PC 75 0 00-035injection mouldingautomotivePPC13no filler13medium AOX / UVblackPDF
TABOREN-PH 22 B 25extrusionconstructionPPH1barium sulphate251medium AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PH 41 C 40injection mouldinggeneral applicationsPPH3limestone403standard AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PH 41 G 30injection mouldinggeneral applicationsPPH6chopped glass fibres306standard AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PH 41 G 30-062injection mouldinggeneral applicationsPPH5chopped glass fibres305standard AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PH 41 G 30-095injection mouldingautomotivePPH5chopped glass fibres305standard AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PH 42 T 20-990extrusionconstructionPPH4talc204.5medium AOXwhitePDF
TABOREN-PH 43 T 20-009extrusionconstructionPPH3talc203standard AOX / UVblackPDF
TABOREN-PH 49 G 30injection mouldingautomotivePPH6chopped glass fibres306high AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PH 49 G 30-026injection mouldingautomotivePPH6chopped glass fibres306medium AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PH 49 G 30-045injection mouldingautomotivePPH5chopped glass fibres305high AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PH 51 G 20injection mouldingautomotivePPH6chopped glass fibres206standard AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PH 51 G 40injection mouldingconstructionPPH6chopped glass fibres406standard AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PH 52 G 20-094injection mouldingautomotivePPH5chopped glass fibres205medium AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PH 52 G 30-073injection mouldinggeneral applicationsPPH5chopped glass fibres305medium AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PH 52 T 60extrusionautomotivePPH5talc605medium AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PH 59 G 40-011injection mouldingautomotivePPH4chopped glass fibres404high AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PH 59 T 30-2injection mouldinggeneral applicationsPPH8talc308high AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PH 62 T 20-023injection mouldinggeneral applicationsPPH8talc208medium AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PH 63 T 20-092injection mouldingautomotivePPH7talc207standard AOX / UVblackPDF
TABOREN-PH 69 G 40-049injection mouldingautomotivePPH6chopped glass fibres406high AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PH 72 T 40injection mouldinggeneral applicationsPPH11talc4011medium AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PH 79 G 20-029injection mouldingautomotivePPH10chopped glass fibres2010high AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PH 79 T 20-018injection mouldingautomotivePPH15talc2015high AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PH 81 C 30injection mouldinggeneral applicationsPPH20limestone3020standard AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PH 82 T 10injection mouldingfood contactPPH18talc1018medium AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PH 82 T 20injection mouldingautomotivePPH18talc2018standard AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PH 82 T 40-014injection mouldingautomotivePPH14talc4014standard AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PH 82 T 40-062injection mouldingautomotivePPH14talc4014standard AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PH 89 C 40-074injection mouldingautomotivePPH17limestone4017high AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PH 89 G 15-041injection mouldingautomotivePPH16chopped glass fibres1516high AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PH 89 T 20-075injection mouldingautomotivePPH15talc2015high AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PH 89 T 20-2injection mouldinghouseholdPPH18talc2018high AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PM 29 T 20-004extrusionautomotivePPC/PPH1talc201.6high AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PM 29 T 20-027extrusionautomotivePPC/PPH1talc201.6high AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PM 39 T 30-040extrusionautomotivePPC/PPH1talc301.6high AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PM 39 T 32-048extrusionautomotivePPC/PPH1talc321.4high AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PM 73 T 20-044injection mouldingautomotivePPC/PPH13talc2013medium AOX / UVblackPDF
TABOREN-PP 5001 GFextrusionconstructionPPH2chopped glass fibres202standard AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PR 21 0 00extrusionautomotivePPC/POEno filler0.5standard AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PR 22 T 10-4extrusionautomotivePPC/POEtalc100.6standard AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PR 29 T 30extrusionautomotivePPC/POEtalc300.6high AOXnaturalPDF
TABOREN-PR 29 T 30-082extrusionautomotivePPC/POEtalc300.6high AOXblackPDF
TABOREN-PR 58 T 20-011injection mouldingautomotivePPC/PE19talc2019medium AOX / UVblackPDF
TABOREN-PR 65 T 10S-089injection mouldingautomotivePPC/PE13talc1013medium AOX / UVblackPDF
TABOREN-PR 73 0 00-053injection mouldingautomotivePPC/POE18no filler18standard AOX / UVblackPDF
TABOREN-PR 73 T 10S-094injection mouldingautomotivePPC/POE12talc1012medium AOX / UVblackPDF
TABOREN-PR 75 T 30-098injection mouldingautomotivePPC/POE11talc3011medium AOX / UVblackPDF
TABOREN-PT 53 H 30injection mouldingconstructionPPH/POE10talc / limestone3010standard AOX / UVnaturalPDF


Power supply for hybrid electric car charging battery. Eco car concept.

Cable compounds for insulation and sheathing of fire safety cables and sustainable applications

TABOCAB Product Catalogue 2024

The cable compounds of our TABOCAB® brand cover solutions for low-voltage applications suitable for construction, automotive, railway, renewable and industrial cables. Our portfolio includes monosil and sioplas cross-linkable compounds, thermoplastic and also cross-linkable halogen-free flame-retardant compounds.

Toll compounding

We are a reliable partner for professional contract compounding


We have extensive experience working in the contract compounding field, helping customers to develop, innovate & outsource new products and ultimately deliver high performance solutions to the market. Our aim is to find innovative, tailormade solutions for our customers. A modern production space available for compounding and warehousing. Highly-educated staff, experienced in handling critical raw materials and demanding products. A modern laboratory with a large range of testing methods available.