“We provide our customers with support during the processing and application of our materials in our endeavor to simplify the manufacture of their products as much as possible.“


SILON is a leading producer of polyolefin based compounds and focuses strategically on the high-tech auto industry. New technologies such as autonomous systems, e-mobility, sensoring and augmented reality will completely reshape the entire industry.  At SILON we believe that we should be on the forefront of this change.

Constructions and Building

Every year, various trends appear within the industry ranging from technological advancements to a stronger focus on sustainability. The increasing share of renewable energy sources in power production portfolios globally, the prioritization of distributed power generation and onsite power utilization have a tremendous impact on the grid design of buildings and construction in terms of greater demands for power transmission capacities

To meet the increasing demands and minimize cable makers´ expenses, SILON offers a unique package  of moisture-cured HFFR XLPE insulation, bedding and jackets of TPO-based compounds specifically designed for LSF0H/HFFR low-voltage power cables up to 1 kW and operating temperature 90°C.

Crosslinked Polyethylene (PE-Xb) contributes to more safety and comfort in our daily life. The three-dimensional network in the material is the main contributor to the superior performance, which is why it is favored by many  new construction projects.


Industrial applications  have gone through a period of turbulente change as rapidly advancing technologies and concepts, such as industry 4.0, nano engineering  and artificial Intelligence bring  forward an array of opportunities. The power consumption forecast worldwide for 2030 is expected to be +30 % of the current demand.

Coupled with the rise in urbanization, communication networks and the need for high-voltage power, the demand for innovative industrial solutions are expected to accelerate. Ranging from power generation to safety pipe production, you can work with confidence from start to finish, when you place your trust in SILON compounds.